The Million Hearts® 2013 Hypertension Control Champions announced!
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The Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Challenge is a competitive challenge to identify practices, clinicians, and health systems that have demonstrated exceptional achievements in working with their patients to control hypertension. The Challenge is open to public or private health care clinicians, medical practices and health systems. Champions will be recognized by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr. Tom Frieden.

Million Hearts® is a national initiative to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes by 2017. Achieving this goal means that 10 million more Americans will have their high blood pressure under control. Million Hearts® is working to improve blood pressure control by encouraging proven effective clinical approaches, such as focusing on blood pressure control with every patient at every visit; using health information technology, including registries and automatic alerts, to its fullest potential; and integrating team-based approaches to care, as well as through community approaches, such as strengthening policies to reduce smoking and improving nutrition by promoting foods lower in sodium. For more information about the initiative, visit

The 2013 Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Challenge is intended to recognize practices and systems that are successful in working with their patients to achieve exemplary hypertension control rates greater than 70%, improve understanding of successful implementation strategies at the health system level, and motivate practices and health systems to intensify their hypertension control efforts. Learn about our 2012 Champions.

Questions about the Challenge should be directed to:
with “Challenge” in the subject line.

The deadline to submit a nomination is September 30, 2013 at 11:59 pm.

Champions will be posted on about 8 weeks
after the Challenge closes.

The 2013 Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Challenge includes two
parallel but separate Challenges for private sector practices or health
systems and for federal clinics or health systems.